Emotional Healing

Emotional healing will release past blockages, patterns and deep core emotions within your system, Sheree feels your energy and senses and knows the emotion or emotions that need to be removed,

  • Emotional healing involves integration of the fragmented parts of your soul.
  • Removing emotions On a deep soul level – Past traumatic experience your thoughts, feelings and emotions! , limiting belief systems will offer change..
  • Emotion’s affect our body, with aches, pain and disease, so Why hold on to them?
    Sheree will go deep into your subconscious mind & your core energy to life situations that have caused sorrow, fear, anger,sadness, stress, guilt, anxiety, resentment, depression etc. Energy will then be replaced with positive flow, to open up and be true to yourself and your desires, to awaken your worthiness, & true essence & the spark of who you are.
  • Sheree’s Emotional Healing is a a deep spiritual awakening of self, so you can rise and be your authentic self, it is your willingness to make change. With a new essence to life.


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